Fly Sings (winner of the 2015 Michael Marks Poetry Illustration award) forms the first installment of a prequel to the deadman and hare stories. It concerns how hare first came to be ‘summoned to the world below’, to look for deadman.

Strandline Books chapbooks are produced as signed and numbered editions of 48, printed in black inkjet on 90gsm off-white recycled paper. They sell at £8 + £2 p&p.  If interested, please email Mat Osmond at

Fly’s gone to the stars

but that was no good


she went round them all

limped from one to the other


they shone down as always

nothing doing there


Fly’s done with all that

she sees where help lies


sets her track

for the slow-blinking eye


sleek golden sickle

circling the world


Enters hare’s orbit

stumbling in late


to find her turning

already tuned


to fly’s unbroken